Martijn Stroom

Martijn Stroom

Behavioral Scientist - PhD Candidate in Experimental Economics, Finance, and Real Estate - Maastricht University

Martijn Stroom is a behavioral economist in the Real Estate group and PhD candidate at the School of Business and Economics, Department of Finance. His research currently focuses on the behavioral impact of crisis on policy and performance.

Specifically, his past research focused on the effect of the indoor environment (specifically heat) on heuristics and cogntive performance. Currently his research ranges from investigating the behavioral response to the COVID-19 recommendations to avoid busy places, to examining if working from home changes work productivity and satisfaction during COVID-19, and which (environmental) factors influences this change. Furtermore, he is strong advocate of a Dutch residential housing climate risk label, in expectation of upcoming climate developments.

Martijn holds degrees in Education, Psychology, and Behavioral Economics as well as additional training in (Sustainable) Finance, Marketing, and Econometrics. He teaches Behavioral Finance on graduate level at Maastricht University.

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