Future-proof real estate finance

The Maastricht Center for Real Estate translates more than thirty years of real estate research to undergraduate and professional education. In addition to education fostering core real estate finance and investment skills, the Center levers its scientific expertise to provide practical tools that enable you to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance issues in financial analysis and investments in the real estate asset class, while contributing to more sustainable businesses and financial markets.

Msc. International Business/Sustainable Finance

Our Master course on Real Estate Finance & Investments is part of the MSc in Sustainable Finance. The MSc in Sustainable Finance is a globally unique Msc. International Business track, organized by the Finance Department of Maastricht University. Learn about sustainable finance from internationally acclaimed scholars affiliated with the world-renowned European Center for Corporate Engagement. It is a one-year, full-time program taught entirely in English at Maastricht University. Graduates receive a Master's degree in International Business from Maastricht University with a specialization in Sustainable Finance.

Financial institutions and companies today are increasing their focus on three key elements of sustainability: environment, society and governance (ESG). The need the special know-how of a new generation of finance professionals: professionals with a strong grounding in traditional finance, who can enhance financial decision making by taking sustainability into account. The Sustainable Finance specialization enables you to understand how sustainability affects mainstream finance topics such as corporate valuation, corporate governance, (institutional) investing, and real estate finance.

For more information on the MSc Sustainable Finance, you can contact Jeroen Derwall, IB/Sustainable Finance program developer.

Professional education

The Maastricht Center for Real Estate occasionally offers education modules for professionals such as open enrollment programs in conjunction with partner schools and in-house education. Practitioners not only learn about the latest concepts and megatrends in real estate finance, but also obtain early insights from MCRE's most recent research. You can contact us for professional in-house teaching opportunities.