15 Jul

HealthBuild 2022 - Build up your Health - 13 October 2022

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HealthBuild 2022 is the first edition of an innovative conference that focuses on the health of real estate: how do buildings influence their tenants, what is being done to improve their health and wellbeing, and what does the future look like. From a focus on environmentally efficient buildings, COVID-19 has sparked the healthy buildings debate. HealthBuild widens this exploration to the effect and future of the indoor environment on tenants' health, well-being, and productivity.

HealthBuild 2022, organized by Maastricht University, discusses the latest technological developments in building sensors and measurement, practical cases of healthy buildings, research on building tenants' wellbeing, and the financing of healthy buildings. Speakers included prominent academics from MIT, UM, and Aachen, as well as relevant industry speakers such as architects, real estate financers, building developers, and tenants.

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