People Planet Property -- Inaugural Address Nils Kok

Real estate represents a big part of your life. Financially, given that the monthly rent or mortgage payment is your single-largest expense, but also in many other ways. For example, did you know that you’re spending 87% of your time indoors? And that the quality of “the great indoors” has a strong impact on your physical health, mental health and productivity? Real estate is also responsible for 71% of electricity consumption and 39% of global carbon emissions, and as such is at the heart of the debate of slowing down climate change and reducing energy dependence. This fast-paced talk will take you through the latest insights on how building shape the environment, your health and your wealth. The lessons should be useful for you as an individual, but also as a professional, whether you work in finance, real estate, or in any other industry – real estate touches almost every business and every part of your life.