Andrea Chegut

Andrea Chegut

Research Scientist - MIT

Andrea Chegut is an MCRE Research Affiliate from the Massachusetts Institute Technology. Andrea investigates the financial performance of innovations in commercial real estate products; from data centers to green buildings, she looks at the value and economic growth implications of technical change and innovation in buildings. A primary innovation of interest for Andrea is energy efficient and sustainable real estate. She has published in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Urban Studies and the Journal of Sustainable Development. Her dissertation Innovation in Commercial Real Estate looked at the impact of innovation on the economic outcomes of commercial real estate in London and New York City, the two largest commercial real estate markets globally.

Andrea is also involved in policy research for the EU 7th Framework Program BEEM-Up, which is an analysis of the valuation and uptake of energy efficiency in housing in the EU. This four year project with 28 EU-wide partners in construction, innovation and academia will result in a value analysis of "energy efficient" housing, a mass European dissemination strategy and 340 energy retrofitted housing units.

In addition to her research Andrea is an active public speaker on sustainablity and energy efficiency in policy and practitioner forums such as the Royal Institue of Charterd Surveyors, IPD, Green Building Councils, EcoBuild and BREEAM.

Andrea earned her BS and BA in Economics and Philosophy, respectively, from the College of Charleston, Charleston SC, US. The following three years were spent in the US capital markets at Sherman Capital Markets conducting analytics and business intelligence. In 2009, she left for Europe where she earned her MSc in Economics and Law from Utrecht University. Andrea has a PhD in Finance from Maastricht University.