Real Estate 2.0: Tesla-like buildings, used “Uber-style”

While the financial industry is still reeling from and reflecting on last week’s stock market gyrations, wondering whether China’s growth will (finally) go below 7%, and whether the Fed will be deterred from (finally) raising interest rates from their current rock-bottom level, it is tempting to forget about lingering long-term issues, such as the impact of extreme weather events that take place increasingly frequently, the slow rise of sea levels that threaten economies and entire societies, and the impact of changing demographics (i.e. aging populations) and health trends such as obesity and chronic diseases on our healthcare systems. It’s short-termism versus long-term thinking in its purest form. And it’s human. After all, clients and investors evaluate the performance of the financial industry on a yearly, quarterly or even more frequent basis, and as the saying goes, in the long run…we’re all dead.

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Author: Nils Kok