Data: it’s not how big it is, but what you do with it

“Big data” has quickly emerged from obscurity into a buzzword, rising from non-existent in 2011 Google Trends numbers, to peak popularity in 2016. Indeed, peak popularity of “big data” was last year. In 2017, the world no longer cares so much about how big data is, but rather, what you can do with it. And as I learned since I started at GeoPhy 3 months ago, the possibilities are endless. The goal of the GeoPhy blog is to give the real estate industry, and basically all other industries that use buildings or their surroundings (I’m still thinking of an industry that does not fit this description…), insight into some of the applications that boundless swaths of data provides. Because without application, data is like raw oil without the refinery.

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Author: Nils Kok